Photography by  Pure In Art

Photography by Pure In Art

J Bridal Boutique is an "Ultra Chic" Bridal Boutique located in Plaza Colonial in the beautiful Foothills of Tucson, Arizona. 

Founded by Emily and Katie, "Sisters On A Mission", to offer women in Tucson a bridal shopping experience like no other.

It all started with a dream... Emily and Katie, along with their best friend, Genna, had first dreamt of opening a bridal boutique while shopping around town for Emily’s wedding gown in 2010. The search around Tucson was unsuccessful, so they decided that this called for a girls trip to Scottsdale. After an adventurous day of shopping, the last place on the agenda absolutely blew the girls’ minds. Not only did Emily find “the ONE”, but the experience was unlike any of the other places! On the drive home that evening, the girls could not stop talking about how Tucson desperately needed a bridal boutique that offered an unforgettable experience, even greater than what they experienced. They discussed all the details of their boutique and the roles each of them would play. 

Reality set in as the idea seemed too far-fetched.

On June 26, 2012, Emily and Katie received news that Genna’s life had tragically and unexpectedly ended. The heartbreak was unbearable, but Emily and Katie were determined to honor their best friend in some special way. They came back to the idea of how amazing it would be to open a bridal boutique in her name and shared the idea with investors, mother Suzan and father Richard, and they loved the idea! 

As an opportunity presented itself and everything began to fall into place, there was no looking back! The Freibert family would finally be able to turn what was once a dream into reality.

J Bridal Boutique represents our beautiful, Genna.

Although Genna’s name does not begin with a “J”, it was a nickname given to her by someone very near and dear to her heart. She would express how much she loved being called “J” and how special it made her feel. 

J Bridal Boutique is conceptually designed by Emily, Katie, and their mother Suzan.

Suzan has a background in fine art and has explored watercolor, pastels, and writing poetry. She has always taught Emily and Katie to express themselves through imagination and creativity. The trio is incredibly thankful and excited to work together, bringing Tucson a unique bridal experience.