{Rackel-mendations} Choosing your perfect "Dream Team"

Vendors, Vendors, Vendors!

You’re engaged and planning for your perfect day!  Maybe you have seen a general 12-month timeline of how to plan your wedding and what steps to take.  Well, the industry is changing, and those timelines are outdated.  The first thing I prioritize with a new client is securing their wedding “dream team” to ensure their wedding is exactly the way they envision it to be.

There can be 20 other couples getting married on the same day in the same area, so the sooner you can establish your wedding date, the better you will be in selecting the perfect group of wedding professionals.  These experts get booked sometimes 18 months in advance, especially in peak months of the season, so what the magazine timeline says, isn’t reality after all.  This can lead to a lot of frustration, and possibly even to tears.  We can’t let this happen!  It’s your wedding and the experts want it to be the very best it can be!

As I mentioned in my previous article, choosing your location is key.  Choosing your venue sets the scene of your wedding.  The bridal gown essentially has a lot to do with the style of the wedding, and it does take some time finding “the dress” as it did in finding your fiancé, who will be your forever love.  At the very same time that you are establishing the venue for your wedding, you should be interviewing your planner, photographer, videographer, musicians for ceremony and reception, DJ service, officiate/minister, florist, cake, hair and make up team, transportation, and hotel accommodations for your guests.  If your ceremony location is different from the reception venue, it is important to secure both and coordinate the start times so you know what the transition time from one location to the other will be.

This is an investment of your time, but well worth the outcome.  It will also give you a good perspective of how much time you have to research, and if you need some well experienced assistance.  A wedding planner can easily cut this time and effort down to a fraction and help you enjoy every minute of the planning.  And then you are off to designing the perfect Save-the Date to let your friends and family know the celebration is on!