At J Bridal Boutique we believe your bridal gown consultation should be a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. This is why we like to give every bride our full and undivided attention. 

Our boutique is family owned and run, so you can be sure that you will receive the most personal experience, as we welcome you into our "home".  


Meet Our Team

Hey Y'all!! We are the J Bridal Gals! 

Believe it or not, We are family! We, Katie and Emily, are fraternal twin sisters and Melissa is our cousin.   


Katie Sparks

Co-Owner / Bridal Consultant


Emily Ornelas

co-owner of J Bridal, "part-time" stay at home mom to her two girls, and social media marketer who lives behind her iPhone. If she could speak in emojis and exclamations, she would!! :-) She is obsessed with meeting new people and cultivating new relationships over social media...as she is not as open and outgoing when you first meet her in-person. 

Born and Raise in Dallas, Texas and still a true southern girl at heart. Growing up as a twin, she was the more reserved and shy one, and always let katie take the lead...and the blame too! Emily believes desserts and coffee are necessities and life would be meaningless without them. Her two daughters have her "sweet loving" gene too! 

Emily always knew she wanted to do something that allowed her to utilize her creative, fashion-loving side,  but also sprinkle in some of her business and customer service sides too. First marketing seemed like the answer. Then after graduating and several years of desperately searching for a Marketing job that would hire her without experience, she was beginning to feel hopeless. That is around the same time the idea of opening a bridal boutique resurfaced.  it was the career that spoke to her heart and soul. J Bridal Boutique gave her the freedom and creativity that she so badly desired.  


Melissa Adamo

Bridal Consultant

JBridal Summer 2018-0010.jpg

As seen in

It has been a dream come true to have some of our gowns from our very own J Brides' weddings, and our collaborative styled shoots featured on some of the largest and most distinguished wedding and bridal inspirational blogs and websites.